Welcome to the Royal Café!

Hello everyone!

This is the Royal Café, for all things Royal Paladin. We have quite a lot of posts on now, so I’m writing this so as to give you a basic intro of the site.

We have specialists in all subclans, archetypes and everything you’ll need to play Royal Paladin. Our team consists of Me (ScharhrotDarkness,), My_cats_are_butlers, Flashrabbit, Kyurem11, NoxVereor and Psyce92.

I’ll be regularly updating this post with all the stuff, so here goes:

Altmile Brave:

Altmile Deck+ Analysis, written by ScharhrotDarkness

Understanding Archetype: Altmile, written by Flashrabbit

Sanctuary Guard:

Sanc Guard deck+ Analysis, written by Psyce92


An Introduction to Blasters, written by My_cats_are_butlers

MLB/Exceed deck profile, written by Kyurem11

First Thoughts: Gancelot Peace Saver, written by Kyurem11

A ‘History of Royal Paladin’ post is still in the making, written by NoxVereor

Part A: Alfred, written by NoxVereor

So, that’ll be stickied for easier surfing of the website.



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