Understanding Archetype: Altmile

Hello patrons! I am Flashrabbit and I am helping out ScharhrotDarkness in the royal café for the time being. I have been asked today to write about Altmile and its forms, I have been playing this deck since its release and I have a lot to say. I will be splitting this post up into 2 parts, one for the grade 3s and one for the grade 4s. Lastly, I want to thank Scharhrot for letting me write about my avatar in his stead but anyways, sit back relax and enjoy.

Part 1: Grade 3s

 Blue Sky Knight Altmile

Skymile is strange because its effect may not seem that strong at first, but think about it this way, when you stride, you get a pseudo soul saver effect for 1 counterblast. Of course it requiring a counterblast hurts a lot in a deck where CB heavy combo is a thing but with the introduction of “Support Warlock of Damascus” it isn’t all too bad. I do have my qualms with this card because of the counterblast but I can’t say its weak, in fact its simple and strong.

Skymile’s GB2 is what I would consider one of the stronger ones, you can turn a weak column into a 10k guard without striding, or make 15k guard columns to end the game even if you didn’t stride. This ensured that once you burnt through all your callable units, you could finish the game with power plays.

All in all I think this is a great card to have in every Altmile deck, and does deserve a whole load of credit. Unfortunately, it was bogged down by the rest of the support as they did not glue together very well and ended up being a decently consistent power based deck, meaning you always pull of maximum power output but when you do it is amazing. However, with the new brave support, this card has become very good, even if outshined by the next card I will discuss Knight of Heavenly Decree Altmile.

Knight of Heavenly Decree Altmile

You don’t know how much tears I shed when I saw how good this card is, it is a shame that it’s a character booster card because it meant that it costs a lot of money. With that said that cost is pretty much due to its great effects. Before I get to those effects however but I can’t stress enough the fact that he is “counter blast free”. Now on to the effects

I think I will start with Decree’s GB2 first. What he does is “on brave, he can pump up to 5 rearguards with 4k power” Although this may not seem like much initially, people must realise that generally you would dumb your hand to finish with this effect and those cards for the most part will have their own brave “power related” skills. And in general you would be hitting for 15-20k rearguards. Something to note is the timing for this ability would be when you can’t stride or have a lack of call targets in your deck so striding into most cards will be pointless, but its generally hard to gauge, especially if you are new to the deck. Easy and simple but difficult to master

Now the greatest part of his set is likely his 2nd skill. During the beginning of your ride phase, you may call a unit from hand and give it 4k it may not seem like much at first but it’s a great set up for his on stride skill. This card has high versatility because you can call and give power to any card

His on-stride skill basically allows you to call up to one unit from your hand and give a brave unit +4k. This means you do not have to give the called unit the power, nor do you have to call a unit to get the power. Technically what you are doing is giving a brave unit +8k (assuming you performed the second skill) and that unit gains 3k by himself and potentially more power from your stride (e.g. 1k from luminous hope), in short you get a 21k standalone attack

In general this is an amazing card and I love it, and I guarantee aspiring Altmile brave players will love it too

Part 2: Grade 4s

Aerial Divine Knight Altmile

How should I put this…This card is lowkey broken? Its effect may not seem like much but you are getting of a free call from your deck, of a combo playmaker most of the time and allowing it to have an extra power increment of 5k. Not just that, you allow all grade 2’s to attack for 12k by themselves with that 3k power boost, heck you even allow 8k grade 2’s to get a poke in.

I don’t have that much to say about this card other than I love how simple but effective his effect is

Transcending the heavens Altmile

I just want to put it out there I don’t like Bushiroad for making this card. I think they soon realized they fucked up with this card when they made the Gurguit stride from GBT-10. It basically does everything this card does, but is generic and does it better. Heck a month or so after this was revealed, Jewel Knight, Evangaline was released, which is basically this card but with higher power increments, given you don’t get a call. With that said I guess this card is nice if you need a game closer and you somehow burnt through your other strides, but otherwise it can be taken out in your deck, as Altmile has so many better options. I have it in there more as a token than anything.

With that said it’s a well rounded card, just absurdly disappointing.

In general I do believe Altmile has taken a great step forward in its mechanics and I would love for Bushi to make more col ones. Anyways thank you all patrons for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed your time at the Royal Café hope to see you soon!


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