[Theoretical only] Majesty Lord Exceed deck

Despite not being a Vanguard veteran, I’ve always found the ‘Blaster’ archetype for Royal Paladins extremely fun to use and have developed quite the love for it over time. After first picking up a Sanctuary/Blaster deck just after GBT06 dropped in English format and then finding the MLB/Thing Saver decklists online I ended up with a decent amount of experience with the modern Blasters. However the Kagero and Link Joker releases in GBT07 and GBT08 as well as the lack of support for all things Blaster, the deck I had most fun with ended up having to be shelved. So you can imagine my glee when a Legend deck including a grade 3 Blaster Blade was announced. Finally new support, more stupid Blaster Blade shenanigans, more fun stuff to be had. Anyway, with more than enough context, I will finally introduce the new deck that I’ll end up playing once the LD drops in English format.

MLB Exceed

Grade 4

1x Holy Dragon, Myriad Soul Saver

4x Divine Knight King, Alfred Holy Saver

2x Holy Dragon, Religious Soul Saver

4x Divine Aerial Knight, Altmile

1x Air Element, Sebreeze

1x Great Flash, Iseult

1x Dark Element, Dizmel

2x Holy Dragon, Laserguard Dragon

Grade 3

4x Blaster Blade Exceed

1x Majesty Lord Blaster

Grade 2

4x Favoured Pupil of Light and Dark, Llew

4x Blaster Blade

1x Blaster Dark

1x Blaster Blade Spirit

2x Star Hope Trumpeter

Grade 1

4x Laurel Knight Sicilus

4x Holy Knight Guardian (Or any unflip PGG)

4x Wingal Youth

4x Blaster-friend Barcgal

Grade 0

4x Floral Paladin, Flogal (Critical)

4x Nova Knight, Llew (Critical)

4x Pink Comet, Flogal

4x Yggdrasil Inheritor, Elaine

1x Wingal Brave

So this is my proposed list. I’d like to mention now that I haven’t had the chance to test this so the entire decklist is purely theorycraft. Anyways I think Wingal Youth is definitely the MVP of the Legend Deck allowing for sustainable rush before grade 2 and adding some sweet on hit pressure. Our Wingal pups allow us to not run that many Grade 3s, and max out on Grade 1s and 2s.

Majesty Lord Blaster is usually kind of inconsistent at best, however pulling off the 22k swing and a crit whilst your opponent is on Grade 2 is definitely a massive swing in your favour if your previous rush had gone well. Generally you use Llew to call Blaster Dark to the field, have a Blaster Blade in hand due to Wingal Youth and have MLB to ride due to Wingal Brave. Obviously this is a ‘dream’ scenario but it’s more than viable and can be pulled off. Also MLB’s 2k buff due to having Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark in soul makes it (mostly) impervious to Gear Chronicle’s assaults.

In one game, the likelihood of you using both Religious Soul Saver and Myriad Soul Saver is extremely small. Both occupy the ‘surprise!’ first stride slot and are there to cover all bases. Need to catch your opponent off guard with another crit after MLB? Use RSS, need to hit them with massive rearguards? Well MSS is your boy.

Altmile is the best Royal Paladin stride. Period. For every subclan, for every build he’s just perfect. Although I will make the concession that he does not need to be at 4 in this deck. If you have a Link Joker heavy meta, teching in Alfred and Holy Squire Dragon is a good choice and if you’re having trouble sniping units then Fides could be helpful. I don’t think Legit Sword Dragon is particularly good, especially with the other cards this deck has to tutor Blasters and the CB cost that Legit Sword comes with.

That’s probably all I have to say on this deck. It’ll run a lot smoother than the Thing Saver/MLB deck since, whilst it lacks in the burst power that Thing Saver provides, it is considerably more consistent and has a lot more toys to play with after GB. The deck will likely change once the spoilers for GBT11 come out and we have even more toys (New Style Blaster, Llew <3) to play with. Anyways if you have any questions about my choices/this deck feel free to hit me up!

-Hyd (u/Kyurem11)


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