The Evolution of Blasters

Starting all the way back in the very first trial deck, Blaster Blade and company are still a force to be reckoned with today. Later, we were given Blaster Dark and a grade three unit uniting both in Majesty Lord Blaster. Through limit break and break ride eras we saw new versions of the Blaster Bros with Blaster Blade/Dark spirit as well as Blaster Blade Liberator and Blaster Dark Revenger. Come legion format, the game was still swarming with blasters with Blaster Blade Seeker and Blaster Dark Revenger “Abyss”. However, after the arrival of strides, the seeker builds began to fall out of relevancy while revengers lived on with support from the Ren legend deck. Then out of nowhere, when sanctuary guard was all the hype, blaster blade get new friends (bad pun, I know) to help him rise again in the Sanctuary Guard builds. The new cards, Favored Pupil of Light and Dark Llew, Blaster Friend Barcal, and Floral Paladin Flogal gave new life to this deck and blaster variants rose to the top again. The main versions were sanctuary blaster, which focused on the Blaster Engine and Benon for early game rush, then using the free power gains from Sanctuary Guard Regalie with the Blaster Engine for multiple attacks at high power to swing for game. The other build was Thing Blaster. This deck used the Blaster Engine to the full extent always wanting to be on a Blaster vanguard to get the countercharge from Barcal after boosting Llew and calling a Blaster Blade. After virtually costless attacks and filling the soul from Llew, Blaster Blade, Barcal, Flogal, and Wingal Brave, the deck was able to fully abuse Thing Saver’s ability to ride itself multiple times during battle to get extra attacks from the vanguard to swing for game.

Once again, the Royal Paladin Blaster deck is about to have new life breathed into it. The Aichi Sendou legend deck is coming with new versions of many of the original Royal Paladin cards like Palamedes, Gallatin, Wingal, Marron, Blaster Blade himself and more. The new support will allow Blaster oriented decks not named Sanctuary Guard to rise again. The deck will still be focused on the Blaster Engine as it allows for one of the best early rushes in the game. When you stride over Blaster Blade Exceed, you can search out a card with Blaster Blade in its name. You can search for OG Blaster Blade or another Exceed to use as stride fodder next turn. The new Marron and Trumpeter, when you are at GB1, can call any unit from deck for the cost of one counterblast. This makes the blaster engine very consistent to pull off when striding. You can use either of the soul saver strides to add power to your rearguards for a nice power play. The deck can also generate nice card advantage through new Marron and Trupeter as well as getting extra drive checks through Alfred Saver or Gancelot Saver. With many of the original cards used by Aichi getting new versions, the Royal Paladin Blasters may once again become a powerhouse in the meta.

The Current List I have Been Testing

Grade 0s

1x Wingal Brave (Starter)

4x Floral Paladin Flogal

4x Other Crits

4x Margal

4x Maskgal

Grade 1s

4x Laurel Knight Sicilus

4x Unflip PG

4x Blaster Friend Barcal

2x Blaster Rapier Laura/ Little Tactician Marron/ Wingal Youth – I’m currently undecided which to use

Grade 2s

4x Blaster Blade

4x Favored Pupil of Light and Dark, Llew

3x Star Hope Trumpeter

1x Blaster Blade Spirit

Grade 3s

4x Blaster Blade Exceed

3x New Style Blaster, Llew

Grade 4s – Not entirely certain on what I want to run. Here is a rough G-Zone for the deck.

2x Religious Soul Saver

1x Myriad Soul Saver

1x Legit Sword Dragon

2x Gancelot Peace Saver

2x Alfred Holy Saver

2x Aerial Altmile

1x Olbius Avalon

1x Dizmel

1x Iseult

2x Laserguard Dragon

1x Divine Maskgal


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