The History of Royals Part 1 

Hello what is up you guys , NoxVereor here . On the blog because I wanted to give a helping hand . Thanks to ScharhrotDarkness for giving me the chance to show you all what I can offer . 

“Tachiagare ! Boku No Bunshin !”

So before we get started , I would like to say I’m typing all this sh*t on my phone . So bear with me if it looks uninteresting . Will edit it out when I have the time . So , first how about a flashback from me ? I started playing vanguard when the anime first came out . I was a teenager wanting to try out a new card game . Was getting fed up with YGO because of the expensive card prices ! When I saw the anime I instantly choose royals . So my bestfriend and I both baught ourselves a trial deck to learn then . Since then I’ve become a Royal main and my friend has been a kagero main all our VG life . So yeah . That’s my story . (Oh any Malaysian VG players reading this ? If so give me a heads up y’all !)

The Beginning

“Densetsu No Nare!”

Alfred. Yeah , It all started from here . The card King Of Knights Alfred was everyones ace back in the day . Royal paladin since the start was a clan that did what it did . Call sh*t up , power the f*ckers up and made the opponent lose their hand . That’s true for all types of royal paladin builds . Alfred was your go to card to make your opponent wipe their tears for his 20k attack . Now in modern times , Alfred is still a deck, a boss card of his own . But it’s still a long way to go before we get to that card . I swear an OATH to tell you guys everything about it (get it ? Getttt iitttt ???? ) 

Alfred has a LOT of support . But Quantity vs Quality is important . Having a lot of cards supporting you does not guarantee an amazing deck . (Damn you overlord

Alfred was heavily supported from the manga booster, so if you want to make an Alfred deck before The Legend 03 come ( get all the good stuff first y’all . So yeahhhhhh). Now even if we’re all from the same clan , it does not mean we all have the same playstyle . New age Alfred’s playstyle is all about out playing your opponents . Not many people realize this (this as in what I’m about to f*cking talk about) . Alfred can multi-attack(using Blaster Blade and his support or maybe Knight of twin sword), Alfred can get big and scary(from the Holy Squire Dragon) but Alfred shouldn’t focus on these things . Alfred in my honest opinion is a Jack of all trades deck . It can do all sorts of sh*t and then some . So for a deck that can do almost anything, the best way to play is to not do everything (at once) . Don’t ham spam buff wombo combo every turn . You’ll burn up faster than a fat man in a hot sauna . The way to play is to counter your opponent every turn . Oh they have a big hand ? Multi-attack them or make huge columns . Not both . Play smart , win games .

So that was fun right ? I’ll end for now about Alfred and continue on to something . Maybe jewel knights. I won’t do Blaster just yet because THAT would be the best one of ALL . Seriously . THE ONE I WOULD HAVE THE MOST FUN TALKING ABOUT !

Thanks guys for reading and don’t forget to comment !


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